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Cobra Energía installs JVC CCTV products for Spanish Thermo-Solar plants

JVC Professional's V.NETWORKS IP cameras deliver high-resolution images with exceptional colour reproduction, ideal for use as part of a complete IP surveillance installation. They have recently been installed in Thermo-Solar plants, to monitor this important area in the south of Spain.

The solar plants are the property of ACS, one of the most important construction companies in Europe, and are managed by Cobra Energía. The ACS Group is one of the leading investors in the development of wind and solar thermal electric energy, along with the development of high-voltage power lines through concessions in several South American countries, and in the development of desalination plants in the Mediterranean. The company6 has installed a number of JVC IP cameras around the plant, including twelve VN-V686WPBU outdoor PTZ network dome cameras, several VN-


X35 and VN-X235 megapixel cameras, and two VN-V225VPU fixed network vandal-proof dome cameras. Signal from the cameras is monitored via JVC's large format GM-F420S 42” professional monitors along with the smaller GD-191 19” monitors, and all recorded on JVC's VR-N1600E network video recorders.

In the solar energy sector, Cobra Energía is a leader in the manageable solar thermal electric market thanks to its molten salt heat storage. The company currently operates three plants (Andasol 1, Andasol 2 and Extresol 1), and is constructing a further four plants (Extresol 2, Extresol 3, Manchasol 1 and Manchasol 2) that will gradually enter operation by 2012; totalling 350 MW. Each plant covers one square kilometre and has the capacity to produce 50MW/day.

Three quarters of the 307 MW of solar thermal electric capacity installed in the last decade around the world is in Spain, with more than 1,346 MW under construction (around 400 MW of which commissioned during 2010) and 843MW at an advanced stage of development. This will result in an installed capacity of more than 2,400 MW in Spain by 2013.

The JVC V.NETWORKS cameras are capable of streaming both Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 images simultaneously, for recording and reviewing footage, and operate via PoE (Power over Ethernet) technology for ease of installation and low power consumption. As you'd expect from JVC, camera build quality is second to none, with published MTBF (mean time between failure) figures demonstrating their reliability.

Direct Drive motor mechanisms on the VN-V686WPBU PTZ domes installed at the solar plant offer precise and highly responsive pan/tilt movement, enabling perfect control of mechanism speeds even at high magnification, while the Megapixel box and mini-dome cameras deliver exceptional high resolution images. The VN-X35U has a 1.3 Megapixel progressive scan CCD to capture high-quality, high-precision images. It can distribute up to Quad VGA (4xVGA), Motion JPEG and VGA MPEG-4, and features Focus Assist mode for accurate focus adjustment and precise imaging. It also features a motion detection function that outputs an alarm, with two inputs and two outputs, whenever movement is detected within a pre-specified area of the image. For privacy masking, the VN-X35U has a free shape mask feature with an unlimited number of positions.

JVC's VN-V225 mini dome network camera, also installed in the solar plant, features Fine Focus Adjust (patent pending) for optimum picture quality, utilising a 1/4-inch progressive scan CCD imaging device with built-in 3.8 x variable focal-length lens. It offers a dual stream of both Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 VGA video at 30fps simultaneously. Free shape privacy masking can be applied to an unlimited number of masked areas, and the camera offers true day/night capability with a built-in IR cut filter for true 24/7 surveillance operation.