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Reliable, maintenance-free 1080p PTZ dome cameras

Fedja Vehabovic, JVC EMEA CCTV Manager, offers his thoughts regarding PTZ cameras and asks, 'do we need a reliable, working 1080p PTZ dome?'

From a maintenance point of view, a PTZ dome camera is extremely sensitive, with many consumable parts such as belts, gears and other plastic components often needing replacing and servicing. Components may also shift slightly, requiring delicate adjustment.

However, JVC’s Direct Drive PTZ mechanism – originally developed back in 1998 by JVC engineers trying to solve this expensive servicing issue – utilises a fully magnetic base mechanism, offering a camera that’s reliable and maintenance-free. JVC’s 1080p PTZ cameras (VN-H657BU and VN-H657WPBU) now use the second generation of this Direct Drive technology, reliably delivering 2 million zoom, 4 million focus and 5 million pan operations in their lifetime.

The cameras also have excellent latency of less than 50ms when controlled via a USB joystick. For further information, please visit the PTZ dome camera product page.