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New e-shift 2 projector range

Available from November JVC Professional has a new, expanded line of four home theatre projectors. They offer significant improvements in picture performance and upgraded e-shift technology, which upconverts and scales HD content to a 4K signal. Now called ‘e-shift2', the technology is available in three of the four new JVC projector models. Other performance-enhancing features include a new illumination system and a new polarizing wire grid in combination with e-shift2 for higher native contrast.

JVC's 2013 projectors are the DLA-RS46, DLA-RS48, DLA-RS56 and DLA-RS66. All are 3D-enabled and all except for the basic model offer e-shift2. Introduced last year, e-shift upconverts and scales HD content to a 4K signal (3840 x 2160) and displays it at full 4K precision. Compared to a full HD (1920 x 1080) image, that's twice the horizontal and vertical resolution and four times the number of pixels, or over 8 megapixels. The result is a stunningly detailed image with minimal aliasing artifacts found in standard HD displays. This year's upgraded e-shift2 technology provides improved 4K performance with higher native contrast in combination with a new polarizing wire grid engine.

In other enhancements, new 2K to 4K scaling technology using proprietary JVC algorithms replaces a two-band filter with an eight-band filter to apply greater correction to more areas of the image. This delivers a noticeable improvement with any compatible 2D signal. To optimise performance for different content, this Multiple Pixel Control offers five preset modes plus Off.

3D performance has been improved, with new circuitry and a new optical engine responsible for reduced cross talk. The result is more natural, clear and brighter images. Another key enhancement is a new illumination system, including a new lamp and power supply, which delivers a significant improvement in brightness over the life of the lamp.


To provide enthusiasts with a true measure of performance, JVC has long focused on native contrast and refused to artificially enhance contrast specifications through the use of a dynamic iris. For 2013, native contrast has been improved in most models through the use of a new polarizing wire grid, ensuring that every frame consistently and faithfully reproduces peak whites and deep blacks. The flagship DLA-RS66 offers a 130,000:1 native contrast ratio. The DLA-RS56 offers 90,000:1 native contrast, and the DLA-RS48 and DLA-RS46 offer 50,000:1 native contrast.

Other enhancements new for 2013 are:

New active shutter glasses for 3D viewing use RF rather than IR technology, to offer more stable synchronization and extended range while avoiding possible interference with IR-controlled devices.

Additional lens memory settings – ten for the DLA-RS66 and DLA-RS56 and five for the DLA-RS48 and DLA-RS46. These store custom focus, zoom and horizontal/vertical lens shift position. This allows a constant height display of 4:3, 16:9 , 2.35:1 or any other scope content without an additional anamorphic lens.

Pin-cushion adjustment that corrects the image when using a curved screen.

New Eco mode in standby that reduces power consumption.

The flagship DLA-RS66 is built using hand-selected, hand-tested components and provides 1200 lumens brightness and 130,000:1 native contrast ratio. The DLA-RS56 provides 1200 lumens and a native contrast of 90,000:1. The DLA-RS66 and DLA-RS56 feature the e-shift2 upgraded light engine, full colour management, ISF certification and advanced calibration functionality. In addition, they are designed to achieve THX® 3D Certification and are scheduled for THX testing.

The DLA-RS48 brings e-shift2 to a new price point and features JVC's Colour Management System, five lens memory presets, 1300 lumens brightness and a native contrast ratio of 50,000:1. The DLA-RS46 is a 3D-enabled projector with 1,300 lumens brightness and a 50,000:1 contrast ratio.

The new JVC D-ILA home theatre projectors should be available in November 2012. 

Together with these new projectors, JVC offers new 3D accessories: the PK-AG3 RF 3D glasses and PK-EM2 RF emitter. Both are compatible for all JVC 3D projectors, including previous models. Also available is a new spare lamp, PK-L2312U, specially designed for JVC's 2013 models. The PK-L2210U lamp for current JVC projectors remains available.