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First review of the GY-HM600 ENG camera


We loaned the HD Warrior (also known as DP Philip Johnston), a pre-production model of our soon to be released GY-HM600 camera over a sunny weekend in Glasgow and he put it through its paces for this video review. There's some nice demo footage, along with a comprehensive overview of functions and features. He seems to have liked it, we hope you will too.

The GY-HM600 is light, versatile and extremely easy to use, this camera is designed to be perfect for fast paced ENG environments delivering exceptional imagery and features for news, sports, and independent production. It features three 1/3-inch 12-bit full-HD CMOS sensors (1920 x 1080) and offers superb low light performance (F12 at 2000 lux). It also has a long (23x) wide angle autofocus zoom lens, a 15-second pre-record function, professional layout, and extensive video settings and encoding formats to deliver smooth file interoperability from acquisition to air.

See the video review on the HD Warrior website here.

For more information on the GY-HM600, visit the product page here.