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Firmware upgrade for the SR-HD2500 recorder




Thanks to a recent firmware update, the JVC SR-HD2500 Blu-ray and HDD professional combo deck now supports 24P recording via SDI. 

With its built-in Blu-ray recorder and 500 GB hard drive, the unit provides easy duplication and disc authoring without a PC. It features an HD/SD-SDI input with embedded audio in/out, which allows it to connect to most professional video systems and provide direct recording of a live HD signal to Blu-ray disc.

The recorder is ideal for use in outside broadcast vehicles or for post production and archiving. It is also a very valuable tool for live events, allowing a producer to deliver a Blu-ray copy of a programme to their client as soon as the programme is completed. Time code mode on the recorder allows producers to a create a ‘window burn' of the time code embedded in the SDI signal - an easy way to create high-quality dailies and client review copies.

This upgrade can be obtained via your JVC Professional dealer who will help you through the installation process.