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New DT-E Series Monitors

JVC Professional is pleased to announce the creation of four new full HD production monitors for use in both the middle and high-end markets and will be launching its newest DT-V models and the brand new DT-E series at the IBC 2011 show in September.

Taking the best features of the popular high definition DT-V Series and by incorporating the latest LED backlight technology JVC have reduced running costs, increased image quality and significantly increased monitor lifespan in the four new models that will be on show.



DT-E21L4 – DT-E17L4 

Responding to the need for high quality HD monitors that can fit a more modest budget JVC had launched its new DT-E series of monitors. 
The first 2 models in this range the DT-E17L4 and DT-E21L4 provide a cost-effective alternative to the industry-standard DT-VG1 high-end monitors. They feature a newly-developed high definition, fast TN Panel with white LED backlights, providing improved contrast and black level and are perfect for use as control or studio monitors. The DT-E Series also come complete with free calibration software to aid in achieving the optimum picture quality. 

As with the new DT-V models the use of LED backlighting reduces the power consumption of the DT-E17L4 and DT-E21L4 is 20-30% lower compared to comparable monitors using CCFL-driven lighting, and has increased the monitors' lifespan by up to 300%. It also enjoys the smother imaging produced by the LED backlighting along with the reduced running costs and greener construction thanks to the removal of the harmful chemical elements used in CCFL monitors.

DT-V21G11 and DT-V17G11 

The 21 inch DT-V21G11 features a full-HD 1920 x 1080 IPS panel driven by a white LED backlighting. The monitor has a reduced power consumption of around 20-30% less when compared to traditional CCFL driven lighting. This increases the monitor‘s lifetime by up to a remarkable 300% and produces smooth and consistent imaging.

Saving energy not only reduces running costs but also helps save the environment by reducing the monitor's carbon footprint, and since the LED drive doesn‘t include any harmful chemical elements, unlike traditional CCFL backlights, the DT-V21G11 is a remarkably green machine.

The smaller DT-V17G11 17 inch monitor is JVC's latest premium model, featuring all the advantages of reduced energy consumption and improved performance of its big brother the V21G11 but with the added benefit of RGB LED backlighting allowing the display to produce more vivid colours and whites in a range of temperatures.