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IBC2015: Camcorders and Collaborations

JVC, a subsidiary of JVCKENWOOD, has a longstanding reputation for build quality, service and reliability, earned over decades of being at the forefront of technological innovation in both the consumer and professional markets. From creating the first personal video player, to more recent developments of live streaming and network connectivity in its professional HD and 4K camcorders, JVC has continually sought to push the boundaries of quality, ingenuity and usability in its products. At IBC2015, JVC will be demonstrating these qualities, displaying its complete camcorder range, including fully-configured systems and new business agreements with third party companies, Bradley Engineering and Streamstar.

ProHD and 4KCAM camcorders

Introduced at the end of 2014, JVC’s new 4KCAM product line comprises three new handheld camcorders and a camera system, each offering 4K and HD recording with professional features in a compact design. An ideal complement to JVC’s successful ProHD product line, the new cameras each feature dual SDHC/SDXC card slots for dual, backup and continuous recording, with the fast shoot-to-edit workflow JVC customers have come to expect.

At IBC, JVC is demonstrating the latest firmware update (version 2.0) for its
GY-LS300, GY-HM200 and GY-HM170 4KCAM camcorders. For the GY-LS300 Super 35mm camcorder, this upgrade is a significant enhancement, adding a ‘JVC Log’ mode that practically duplicates the look of film, plus new Cinema 4K and Cinema 2K recording modes and a unique Prime Zoom feature that uses the camera’s innovative technology to allow zoom capabilities when using prime lenses. There’s also a new 70Mbps mode on all three cameras to allow 4K recordings on standard Class 10 SDXC cards. Free for all current owners, the upgrade will be available at the end of September 2015.

Live streaming is a key feature of many of JVC’s ProHD camcorders, including the handheld GY-HM650, the shoulder-mounted GY-HM850 and the GY-HM890 studio camera with its choice of fibre or multicore interface. These three models are also receiving a firmware upgrade, including adaptive bit rate technology for more reliable streaming, support for Real Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) to allow a direct connection to a number of content distribution networks (CDNs) for live streaming, and a high quality 12 Mbps mode. The new features are included in Version 4.0 for the GY-HM650 and Version 2.0 for GY-HM850 and GY-HM890 ProHD streaming camcorders.

Streamstar live streaming

Streamstar is an established European company, specialising in quality, innovative software and hardware tools for the streaming video industry. It designs and manufactures the most advanced line of live production tools that enables users to easily produce and stream professional multi-camera video productions, offering the perfect partner to JVC’s range of camcorders.

As a result of a close collaboration between JVCKENWOOD and Streamstar, there have been a number of product developments for IBC, including remote control of JVC camcorder settings and zoom functions/presets from within the Streamstar software, opening a whole new dimension of remote and live production possibilities. The software features unique IP video stream inputs, allowing JVC streaming camcorders located anywhere in the world to be used in live production, making global remote live production now accessible to everyone. It also includes control of the JVC camcorder functions over LAN or WiFi to allow the on-camera recording light to be used as a tally light to indicate when the camera is switched live to PGM. Other new features introduced at IBC include a number of improvements to the replay system, along with new types of IP inputs support, ISO recording on all cameras and improved compatibility with different streaming platforms by adding H.264 encoding profiles.

Studio solutions

An important part of JVC’s studio solutions is its relationship with Bradley Engineering. The two companies have just announced a new sales agreement, signed on the first day of IBC2015, which allows JVC access to a range of Bradley products. These include pan/tilt cameras, camera controllers and related studio components.

There are a number of Bradley products on the JVC stand at IBC, including the newly-developed fully-integrated
HDC-160 PTZ camera, the U4_J remote camera head for the GY-HM600/650 camcorders and the Z-Head remote camera head for the GY-HM170/200 camcorders. JVC will also be demonstrating Bradley’s Multi-Function Controller and Remote Camera Panel Mk3, along with the RD_11 multi-channel radio data transceiver and RD_12 miniature wireless CCU controller.

Beyond world-class camera systems, JVC offers a full range of accessories that turn any JVC camcorder into a studio camera. JVC also offers a line of professional Blu-ray recorders that allow easy duplication and disc authoring without a PC. The decks can create Blu-ray or DVD discs directly from live video inputs or from video files stored on built-in hard drives. At IBC, JVC announced the
SR-HD2700, its most advanced professional Blu-ray/hard disc drive combo deck, with the ability to record a live HDMI signal from a video camera or DSLR without HDCP encryption. Also new for the SR-HD2700 is the ability to record to the upgraded 1TB internal hard drive and an optical disc simultaneously, which provides redundancy and eliminates the need to copy video files to another disc after recording.

JVC is also introducing the
BR-DE800 streaming decoder at IBC. The ProHD BR-DE800 Decoder is a high-performance IP decoding appliance for standard definition and high definition MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 H.264 streams, ideal for use with JVC streaming cameras including the GY-HM200, GY-LS300, GY-HM650, GY-HM850 and GY-HM890 cameras. The Decoder features a flexible selection of output interfaces, including 3G, HD-SDI, HDMI and Composite video. The ProHD BR-DE800 supports various streaming protocols including UDP, RTP, RTSP, ZiXi™, and Pro-MPEG FEC., and comes in a fan-less, portable design, ideal for portable and stationary applications.

There are a number of technology prototype monitors on JVC’s stand at IBC this year, including the
DT-V24G2 monitor, which is a 24" IPS full HD LED panel based on the industry-standard JVC DT-V Series. It features a 1920x1200 pixel IPS LED panel, with 2x 3G SDI and HDMI inputs, and can be calibrated with JVC’s monitor calibration software. JVC will also be demonstrating a new 27" 4K monitor engineering prototype, ideal for use with its 4KCAM camcorders. New monitors include the cost-effective GD-W213L full HD 21.5" control monitor, ideal for video, security or PC-based picture control.

Workflows may change, but broadcast and production professionals will always need reliable video equipment that delivers performance and value. JVC continues to set the standard for broadcast news with quality and innovation. We are leading the industry with our proven and affordable IP-based ENG solutions and we’re moving forward with affordable and versatile 4K production choices.