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The Open at St. Andrews filmed using GY-HM600

Cardiff Filmmaker, Tim Tyson-Short from Taglia Telly recently used a JVC GY-HM600 ProHD camera to film The 2015 Open at St Andrew’s. “It’s horses for courses when it comes to filming - some jobs are more demanding than others and require a camera that's fast and flexible with its features,” says Tim. “When operating as a single cameraman and editor, I need a seamless workflow, manageable sound levels and a lens that will give me the framing I want instantly, for every situation I encounter. It also needs to be light but large enough to cope with jostling and adverse weather.”

The GY-HM600 is small and light with a versatile form factor, which made it perfect for Tim to use whilst moving around the golf course, the village and the hospitality suites at The Open. “The versatility of the camcorder's codecs for all NLEs is ideal as there's no waiting around to encode - you can edit straight away. The lens is great in low light and for wide open landscapes and the lens stabilisation really helps with hand-held interviews, as does the face detection feature if you are needing to move your eye from the viewfinder when interviewing. It's a great camcorder!”